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What type of Software or Hardware do I need?
Do I need any hardware or software to complete the video courses?
Do I need any hardware or software to complete the video courses?

Optional equipment to follow the RealPars video courses

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It is not mandatory to have access to any software or hardware to be able to complete our video courses. However, it would certainly be beneficial if you would be able to practice the learned material yourself. Therefore, we provide the option to purchase a variety of software and hardware over at our MarketPlace.

Beginners guide to practice material

Our engineers would recommend either of the following items to follow along with the video courses.

The TIA Portal Basic, which comes with a perpetual license, the S7-PLCSIM program, and the HMI Basic Panel simulator. You can purchase that over here.

More information on the workings of the Floating License is explained in this short video.

Do you want to get the software and hardware all in one?

The best starter kit for beginners, recommended by our top engineers, is the 6ES7212-1BE34-4YB0. You can purchase this over at our MarketPlace, with free shipping all over Europe.

If you prefer a starter kit with HMI, then the 6AV6651-7KA02-3AA4 would be a great option for you.

Phoenix Contact: PLC next Starter Kit

Are you following our PLC next course series on or on YouTube? And want to follow and practice along with us, you can try out the very popular PLC next Starter Kit over at our MarketPlace.

If you have any specific questions about any of our products, always feel free to email us over at [email protected], and we will be more than happy to advise you.

Happy learning!

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